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🥪 Recipes

🎓 Learning

🖼️ Images

📣 Marketing

🏫 School work

📝 Translations

✈️ Travel Itinerary

🏋️ Training Plans

🎵 Music

♾️ And much more!

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BuddyGPT can do a lot of things!

Reveal the inner chef that is inside you!

Ask any
Culinary Question

Tell BuddyGPT the recipe for a dish you want to cook, ask for a recipe with a specific ingredient, how many people are eating, healthy dishes, vegetarian dishes, and much more!!

Learn about new things!

Learn &

BuddyGPT knows pretty much everything Trivia, so get ready to learn some facts and trivia to beat the next Quiz night!

Generate stunning images with just a text prompt


You want to generate some images based on your creative ideas? Don’t worry about it, BuddyGPT got you covered! Just Make sure your prompts are as well detailed as possible, so that no detail is left to chance!

Create ad campaign's copy and hashtags

All about

BuddyGPT can help you out on your marketing plans. From brainstorm ideas, creating post descriptions, hashtags, slogans, marketing strategies, reword emails, and much more!

Need help with that essay?


Are you having difficulties on a school essay? Hard to find math exercises? You want to understand complex concepts in simple terms? Just ask BuddyGPT, he will help you understanding any topic, can assist you on your homework or even creating exercises with solutions for you to study!!

Learn a new language


Spanish, French, German? For BuddyGPT languages are not a problem, he can help you translating any word, sentence or text in any language. Just try it out!

Your personal Travel Assistant


Are you going on that dream trip to Thailand? Or on a romantic trip to Paris? BuddyGPT knows everything about every place, so might as well help you out with itineraries, checklists and important reminders for any city you'd like to visit!

GainGPT at your command

Gains &

Let’s get in shape with BuddyGPT on your pocket. He can help you creating training plans according to your goals, exercises preferences, sports and much more!

Music to your hears


Create a music about a specific topic, create a playlist based on your favourite artist or similar musics, or just ask for a music to chill! BuddyGPT does all that and more!

There's an inifinite number of possibilities with BuddyGPT


From passwords, to numbers, to names, BuddyGPT can come up with anything. Just ask it out!

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5* Review

With BuddyGPT you get the power of A.I directly on your DMs, it's very easy to use and powerful.

António José
4* Review

At first I started using just the free version, but only 15 requests is too low when you really want to use it for your daily life. The subscription isn't that expensive and the support is good.

Dennis Spryzer
4* Review

I only use the free version as it is enough to play around with friends and family. This is the perfect solution as you can use it on your Whatsapp app just like any other friend, only that this one is there for you all the time 😁.

Paul Santos
5* Review

I absolutely love BuddyGPT! It's so easy to use and the customer service is amazing. I've never had such great customer service from this kind of service before.

Susana Barros
5* Review

I've been using BuddyGPT since I've heard of them in some ChatGPT servers on Discord and I'm impressed. They don't improve on the formula, but they offer what no one does, a simple interface on your favourite chat apps. Their data protection policies is also one of the stricter policies I've seen in such a service.

Rosa Estevão